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Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Posted by Jack Pickell

The pyramids, the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge… not today. This is the day we celebrate one of our weird world’s true wonders — that puffy, pop-able, pleasure-providing packing product known as bubble wrap.

Today, Jan. 28, 2013, is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (BWAD). Who says? The Bubble Wrap people do. They even have a site to prove it.

Bubble wrap has been around since about 1957, but somehow it didn’t have an annual day of recognition until 2001, when an Indiana radio station (finally) began the tradition.

Ask the person in the next cubicle his or her feelings about bubble wrap and you’re bound to get a nostalgic tale of jumping feet-first off the couch onto sheets of giant bubble wrap, or memories of popping the tiny bubbles from the sleeve that held their very first calculator back in the mid-1970s (okay, that’s what my co-worker heard when she asked me about it).

The point is, bubble wrap has touched all our lives, and now, thanks to this whole internet thing (which I have to say really seems to be taking off), you can even play with bubble wrap online. Here you can customize your virtual bubble wrap by size and color, then snap to your heart’s content — complete with realistic sound effects.

So happy BWAD to you all, and if you have time, sneak over to your office’s supply cabinet, grab a little bubble wrap, and give it a pop or twelve. It might make your day a little brighter… just like it did all those years ago.

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