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About us

Skyautomach is a professional machinery manufacturer of air bubble film.

Skyautomach was founded in 2005, but we have a group of experts that has twenty years of experience in this fieid. To achieve customer satisfaction, we provide a customized solution by carrying out extensive research in our pilot plants, on the raw material and the ultimate product till a solution is found. Based on the research we provide a turn-key project including training in operations and management.

Skyautomach was founded with two fundamental goals.  (1) To provide the best possible experience to every one of our customers. (2) To provide customers with the most competitive prices and reliable quality.  We are continually striving to validate the trust you place in our company.

From Owners to Operators, our sales and managements teams are dedicated to understanding your business, delivering and exceeding all your expectations.  We believe that the key to our success is our commitment to your success. We look forward to a company that make success.

Let your success start from here.

Address:No.38 Jianhu Road,Taicang,Jiangsu,China   TEL:86-512-53415118    FAX:86-512-53414728
E-Mail:  marketing@skyautomach.com       marketing@skypoolcover.com

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