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Who invented Bubble Wrap?

In the late 1950s, two inventors, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, were attempting to create a plastic, textured wallpaper. Their invention of sheets of plastic with air trapped between was unsuccessful as wallpaper, but when the two hit upon the idea of using it for packing material, they hit paydirt. Fielding and Chavannes founded the Sealed Air Corporation in 1960, and began to produce bubble wrap for a mass market. Now the Sealed Air Corporation has over 100 manufacturing facilities in 52 countries and brought in revenues last year of nearly $5 billion. But, Bubble Wrap isn’t just a packing material. Here are some innovative ways to use Bubble Wrap around your house: lay it on the floor under windows and inside doors as an inexpensive burglar alarm; wrap gifts in it; bubble side down, use it as a coaster or placemat; and, of course — pop it! On the last Monday in January, we celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Happy 50th birthday, Bubble Wrap! Thanks for the popping good time!

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